Hello everyone!

We hope you are enjoying the 12.0 release and you’ve had the chance to try out all of the new features coming to SCP: Secret Laboratory. To make sure everything is balanced and working as intended, we are posting a feedback form with various questions about all the new features in the game.


See you in the Facility.

~Nostra (Northwood Studios Feedback Manager)

Hello everyone. Today we bring you a small update to round off the holiday season.

This year, SCP: Secret Laboratory’s holiday update was larger than anything we’ve previously done in previous years. We want to give you as much time with the limited content as possible, and, as a result, this update brings some minor needed tweaks and fixes to the holiday version of the game.

SCP-2536 Changes

  • Adjusted SCP-2536’s overall loot table.
  • Introduced a new anomalous item — The Jailbird. The Jailbird is a special melee weapon that can be rarely granted by SCP-2536.
  • Opening a present gifted by SCP-2536 will cause a small cooldown, preventing one player from claiming all the gifts nearly instantly.
  • SCP-2536 will no longer attempt to spawn for the Chaos Insurgency. Insurgents are still able to open gifts.
  • SCP-2536 can only give one ‘Last Stand’ gift per round. Expect significantly less Logicers.
  • Added a SCP-2536 spawn point inside of SCP-096’s containment chamber.
  • SCP-2536’s gift will now have a disintegration effect whenever it appears and disappears.
  • SCP-2536’s spawning mechanics will now loop if valid targets cannot be found.
  • Improved how SCP-2536’s audio works.
  • Adjusted SCP-2536 visuals. SCP-2536 should no longer disappear when looking at it from a far distance.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Added Operational Guide entries for all of the new SCPs.
  • SCP-956 will now target players affected by SCP-559 significantly faster.
  • Introduced poppable balloons scattered around the Facility.
  • You are now able to drink from the various mugs around the Facility.
  • Rebalanced SCP-106.
    - Hunter's Atlas now applies sinkhole cooldown.
    - SCP-106 Vigor regeneration pauses during sinkhole cooldown.
    - Vigor will no longer regenerate if SCP-106 remains stationary.
  • Reimplemented third-person animations for the Coin.
  • SCP-018’s logo now faces the player when held.
  • Increased SCP-1576 playback volume.
  • Changed the fog color.
  • SCP-173’s blink indicator now uses the snowy model.
  • Fixed volumetric lighting on the Surface Zone.
  • Updated the Reddit link in the main menu.
  • Various Remote Admin improvements, including a new Token System window and improved forceclass-related commands.

We hope that you all enjoyed the special update this year. Thank you all for your warm reception and continued support.

Have fun, and see you in the dark.
~ Northwood Studios

Today, in celebration of the holiday season, we are excited to announce a special update we’ve been working on!

From the Christmas season, to the New Year, to our fifth anniversary, we have plenty to be thankful for, and we’re happy to unveil the potentially largest holiday update yet.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are! Without further ado, let’s get right into it:

SCP-2536 Reimplementation
What’s a holiday update without a Christmas tree?

SCP-2536 is back and better than ever! Featuring a reworked loot table and improved graphics, ‘The Gift That Keeps On Giving’ is ready to spread some holiday cheer.!

SCP-1576 — Edisonian Afterlife Communicator
Some say that knowledge is power, others believe that knowing the right things at the right time can change a life. How about you consult the experts on the matter— the dead!

SCP-1576 is a new item SCP with the ability to communicate with the deceased. After a brief windup, you’ll be given a few seconds to communicate with any spectators waiting to respawn. But, with only one communication output, it may be difficult to tell who’s who! No one said that talking to the countless dead would be easy…

SCP-1576 is an item we’ve been sitting on for a while. Originally intended for a Halloween update, we’ve decided to spice things up this Christmas season. Currently only available as a gift from SCP-2536, the Edisonian Afterlife Communicator will be a special treat not found on every round.

SCP-559 — Birthday Time!
Sometimes, realising your own mortality can be scary. Don’t you wish you could be a kid again? Well, with SCP-559, you can experience the joy for just one more day.

SCP-559 is a new environmental SCP that spawns randomly around the Facility, akin to SCP-2536. Upon getting close, players will be able to blow out the candles, and experience the joy of childhood once again. With this, you’ll receive a shrunken player model, an increase in stamina and movement speed, a decrease in weapon handling stats, and a slight voice pitch shift.

SCP-559 is an SCP made with the intention of being fun, above all else. Whilst it’s not necessarily something you’ll see in the base game, we’re happy to give you all an anniversary we’ll both never forget. Here’s to the fifth year of SCP: Secret Laboratory!

SCP-956 — The Child-Breaker
Now you may be thinking, “Wow, with a name like that, what does SCP-956 do?” That’s a good question.

SCP-956 is a second new environmental SCP, appearing in secret in the corners of most rooms. When a player underneath the effects of SCP-559 stays in a room containing SCP-956 for too long, █████████ █████ ████ ██████.

SCP-956 ████ ██ █ ██████ ███ ███████ ██ ████████, ██ ███ SCP-559 ██████. ███ ███████ █ █████████ candy ███████ ██ ██████ ██ ████?

███ piñata █ █████ ███ █████ ██ ██ ██████, ██ ██ ████. ██████████ █ ███ █████ ██ ██████ ██ ████ Site-02.

Keep an eye out!

Miscellaneous Tweaks
We’ve also taken the time to introduce some new features. From various holiday decorations to balance changes and bug fixes, this update also brings some well needed fine tuning to the 12.0.0 update.

Holiday Cheer

  • Added a new main menu background.
  • Reimplemented the Christmas main menu theme.
  • Reimplemented the Chaos Insurgency express.
  • Replaced SCP-173 with a more snowy model.
  • Retextured SCP-173’s Tantrum effect to be more festive.
  • SCP-173 explodes into holiday spirit upon death.
  • Filled the mugs in the Facility with hot cocoa.
  • Added plenty of festive decorations.
  • SCP-018 has been converted into a Christmas ornament.
  • The chilly season is here! You might spot your breath if you look hard enough.
  • Re-added the Pink Candy. You’re welcome.

Balance changes

  • Improved SCP-049-2’s hit registration.
  • Increased SCP-049-2’s melee hit damage.
  • Increased SCP-939’s melee hit damage.
  • Increased SCP-939’s stamina regeneration time.
  • SCP-096 and SCP-079 will now no longer spawn as the only two SCPs.
  • SCP-096 can no longer spawn as the only SCP.
  • SCP-079 no longer loses AP to switch to an adjacent camera.
  • Adjusted SCP-079’s door locking AP cost.
  • SCP-106 now spawns with zero vigor.

Bug Fixes and Backend Improvements

  • Reimplemented Overwatch mode.
  • Improved how PlayerIDs cycle.
  • Fixed an issue where SCP-173 could result in a game soft lock.
  • Fixed a bug letting you clip out of bounds at the Heavy Containment Zone-Entrance Zone checkpoint.

Happy holidays, and see you in the dark.
~ Northwood Studios

Today, we’re proud to announce that SCP: Secret Laboratory’s 12.0.0 update, ‘Mimicry’, is now in its public beta stage.
From overhauling the entire SCP team, to sweeping changes for the average round — Mimicry is at risk of being our biggest update ever.

It’s public knowledge that this update has been in closed beta for a while now, but we are extremely pleased with the amount of support and feedback that the community has brought forward for the duration of this stage.
A ton of work was put in by the Development team, but we wouldn’t be where we are today if not for your input. Thank you!

You can opt-in to the beta by right-clicking SCP:SL in your Steam Library, and then by selecting the Properties tab.

From there, select the Betas category, and finally, select the Public Beta option from the dropdown menu.

And now, without further ado, let’s get into the changes!

SCP-939 Rework
SCP-939 has gone through countless balance changes, soft reworks, nerfs, buffs, and everything else that an SCP could possibly receive throughout its lifetime. With this update, we’re proud to announce a complete rework — both visually and mechanically, for SCP-939.

We’ve discussed the rework in a previous Steam post available here, which details the massive amounts of content and unique features that SCP-939 now holds.

The Operational Guide
One of the most unexpected features to come from this update is our Operational Guide. For a long time, we’ve felt that SCP: Secret Laboratory had gone without a proper introduction.

The Operational Guide attempts to help relieve these issues, providing some overview and explanation behind the classes; alongside providing a ton of lore for the world of SCP:SL. Now available from the main menu, feel free to dive right in and potentially learn a lot more about the game.

We’ve discussed the Operational Guide in depth during SCP-939’s full rework presentation. If you’re interested in learning more about the guide, check out the latter half of the post here.

CharacterClassManager and Metrification
Behind the scenes, a massive amount of changes were also carried out for the future of SCP:SL. We’ve spent time refactoring the Character Class Management (CCM) system, one of the core systems for the game.

The old CCM system resulted in a variety of issues and limitations, and as one of the oldest pieces of code in SCP:SL — it was a prime example of the word ‘technical debt’. In fact, as mentioned in a previous Patreon post, it was quite possibly the “worst-maintained script within the entirety of the video game industry”.
Thanks to the refactoring, we are now able to do new and extremely interesting things, an example being SCP-939’s new ability to steal voices. With this comes the possibility for incredible new features that were not possible before, so stay tuned for future updates!

Alongside this, we have now properly ‘metrified’ the game. Previously, our measurements did not match any existing metric standard. Although the resulting changes may go unnoticed by the majority of the general playerbase, we’d like to note that this has been a significant improvement to our backend systems, allowing us to properly create and implement content at a much more efficient rate.

SCP Soft Reworks and Improvements
With this update also comes overhauls to nearly every SCP in the game!
Although SCP-939 was obviously the shining star for this update, we gave a bit of love to every SCP we could, ensuring that none of them were left behind in the dust.
Found below are some highlighted changes for each of the SCPs:


  • SCP-173 has received improvements to its backend systems. As a result, you should be seeing less desynchronisation, and improved quality in teleportation.
  • SCP-173’s blink indicator now allows you to more clearly see when a target is in range. The indicator’s neutral colour has been set to red, but will turn orange upon being in range to kill a target.
  • SCP-173 can now teleport near a window to break its glass. In addition, ramming into a piece of glass with the Breakneck Speeds ability active will now shatter it.
  • SCP-173’s Hume Shield now scales with health — starting at a lower value, and increasing as his HP reaches critical values. This should provide a bit more longevity to the class.


  • SCP-079 has received its own soft rework. With this comes a new interface, improved mechanics, new abilities, and numerous quality of life improvements. You can read more about these changes here.


  • SCP-049 has received a soft rework of his own as well. With this comes new abilities, significant balance changes, as well as improvements to SCP-049-2s. You can read more about these changes here.


  • In line with the other SCPs, SCP-106 has also received his own soft rework. Of interest is a new core mechanic, Vigor, new abilities, removal of his bullet resistance, the removal of the Femur Breaker, and much more. You can read more about these changes here.


  • SCP-096 no longer automatically enrages once seen. Instead, after being looked at, players can now choose when to enrage, by pressing R. Following this feature, SCP-096 now has an easier to understand indicator that’ll display how long his rage will last.
  • SCP-096’s ‘Try not to Cry’ has received improvements. Instead of only being able to use his ability on doors, you may now use it on any flat surface. Additionally, the audio has been improved upon, making it sound like SCP-096 is walking away when in use.
  • SCP-096 no longer kills a target in one hit with either his melee attack or his charge ability, instead dealing high amounts of damage.
  • SCP-096’s Hume Shield now scales with health — starting at a lower value, and increasing as his HP begins to dwindle.
  • SCP-096 no longer has a ‘cooldown’ period after raging. Instead, he can enrage immediately after completing his previous cycle.
  • SCP-096 has received significant number adjustments to his HP, Hume Shield, damage, and speed; all to be re-adjusted when appropriate, for the remaining duration of this beta.

Patch Notes
Due to the sheer amount of content added within this update, we have decided to list only important or notable features here, specifically those not mentioned in any of the linked Steam posts above.

Gameplay Changes:
- SCP-1853 no longer increases stamina consumption.
- Spectator mode has been greatly improved. Not only have the missing UI elements been fixed — the mode now includes proper first person viewmodels, better syncing status effects, and better post-processing effects.
- Desaturated post-processing changes.
- Improved the role intro animations.
- Surface Zone has received some lighting changes to improve its visibility.
- Heavy Containment Zone and Entrance Zone layouts now have two checkpoints connecting one another.
- SCP-207 has received entirely new textures and animations.
- Improved decals performance by almost double the original amount.
- COM-18 has received an entirely new model.
- All human models have received new (temporary) third-person animations.
- Improved spawn protection UI.
- Modified SCP-106’s room to no longer include the lower section nor the femur breaker.
- SCP-939’s old room now has a ‘Death Pit’, and a side office. (Thanks to Dan for the idea!)
- Added the COM-45. (Thanks to Oberstrudel for the idea!)
- Adjusted lighting of Surface and Entrance Zone.

As a massive amount of code overhauls have been completed this update, it is virtually impossible to list the tremendous number of bugs that have been fixed.

Technical Changes:
- CharacterClassManager has been refactored, and its functionality has been split into several different scripts.
- Alpha Warhead Controller has been refactored, but its functionality should remain the same.
- The voice chat system has been completely rewritten. It no longer utilises Dissonance.
- PluginAPI has been implemented into base-game servers.
- The entire Facility has been scaled down to utilise metres as a scaling rule.
- The Discord Rich Presence system has been re-written, along with anything Discord-related.
- Some minor improvements to the Environmental Hazard script.

See you in the dark.
~ Northwood Studios

November has begun, we are now entering into the second month of the 12.0 "Mimicry" Patreon Beta!

The threshold to join the beta has been lowered to our Patreon's "Major Scientist" tier ($10 USD).

You can find our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/HubertMoszka

Hope to see many of you there and we hope you enjoy!

~ Northwood Studios