Hello everyone!

Hotfix 11.0.1 has just been released for the Halloween event. It's contains a few bugfixes and is compatible with the previous version.


  • Added missing translation files for the new items.
  • Removed "public beta" warning from the main menu.
  • Fixed SCPs being unable to open doors during SCP-079 lockdowns.
  • Cameras in SCP-330 test chamber are no longer named "SCP-012".
  • Increased AHP decay rate for the Marshmallowman (blue candy).

~ Northwood Studios

Ghouls and goblins wander the streets, jack o’lanterns sprout like flowers, and everything seems a bit spookier than usual. What else can it be besides Halloween?

On the heels of version 11.0.0, we've put together a seasonal update to celebrate this All Hallows Eve. You’ll see some familiar faces and features this year, but Parabellum has given us the perfect opportunity to develop a few new things as well. Just read on...

The Return of SCP-330
During Halloween 2020, we introduced SCP-330, Take Only Two — a bowl of candy where each treat has a different boon or drawback to the person that consumed them. It was instantly memorable and the subject of at least two hotfixes after the release of the update. We've been dying to bring it back; Halloween provides the perfect reason to do exactly that.

Take no more than two, please.

The candy bowl differs from last year’s version in several key ways:

  • With the advent of the new inventory system, we've been able to create scripts to support nested inventories. In this case, it takes the form of a bag of candy. Rather than each individual candy taking up a slot, players will automatically gain a bag of candy when taking items from SCP-330. This can hold up to six candies, with the bag only taking a single slot in the inventory.
  • When a player dies, they will drop their bag of candy as an item. Attempting to pick up this bag will merge its contents into any bag you are carrying yourself; or add it to your inventory if you don't already have one.
  • All the candies’ effects have been remade. Expect mixed results, with 100% less explosions.
  • Instead of simply sitting at the bottom of SCP-012's unused chamber, SCP-330 has a brand new redesigned chamber. This chamber has replaced SCP-012's room. It features a control room separate from the test chamber, and a door that can only be controlled from the inside. Be careful not to linger.

Why go through all the trouble of making a new containment chamber for a temporary feature? Probably the most important change for SCP-330 is that it's here to stay. After Halloween, we'll be including an altered version of SCP-330 as a permanent addition to the game. We're aiming for version 11.1 or 11.2 to have this, but nothing is set in stone.

Something to bear in mind: SCP-330’s candies have dramatic effects for Halloween. Once it releases in its permanent form, they’ll be less impactful but still significant. In the meantime, we hope you like the changes we've made!

You may have seen our teaser for this one. The idea for creating this SCP came from our Patreon community. Unique, interesting, and often anomalous, items are something we feel are a unique part of SCP: Secret Laboratory. For some time we've been wanting to add more and, just like SCP-330, now was a great time to do it.

Meet SCP-2176 - Ghostlight™. Outwardly, it's a fluorescent light bulb with an eerie green hue. Like other SCP items, it can be found in pedestals throughout the facility.

SCP-2176's key ability is creating electrical interference when thrown. Being a light bulb, it's very fragile, and shatters on impact. This releases the contained ectomorphs to wreak havoc on nearby systems. It can also be dropped, which will cause it to crack, and shatter after a short delay. Once the bulb has been picked up, it's too fragile to drop again without it cracking — use caution!

The light bulb's effects differ depending on the context in which it's used. If SCP-079 has locked down the room, shattering it inside that room will lift the lockdown. Tesla gates will be overloaded and will shut down briefly, allowing players to pass through them unharmed. Experiment to find out how to best use it.

We're also very happy to reveal that, along with being part of the Halloween event, SCP-2176 will be another permanent feature. We'll be aiming to introduce SCP-330 and SCP-2176 in the same patch. It all depends on the features’ stability and the feedback that we get.

Visual Updates
A large collection of reskins and decorations have made their way to the facility. Many of these are back from 2020 -— many classes have retained their seasonal look, but some, like SCP-049 and 096, appear a bit different. The October decorations are in full swing, and Jackie has made his triumphant return.

Of course, we've taken the time to introduce additional decorations. In celebration of the harvest season, the fog has taken on an earthy shade and handheld flashlights have been replaced with rustic oil lamps. The facility is darker, meaning that portable light sources and the candlelight provided by decorations are not only atmospheric, but an important navigational tool...

Patch Notes

  • Reintroduced SCP-330, Take Only Two, with new mechanics
  • Added SCP-2176, Ghostlight™
  • Replaced SCP-012’s containment chamber with a new room: Test Chamber 01. It features the same loot, as well as SCP-330 behind a unique door.
  • SCP-049, SCP-049-2, SCP-096, and both SCP-939 variants have received visual updates
  • Darkened the lighting in most rooms
  • Fog, volumetric lights, and the skybox have received colour updates
  • The flashlight has been reskinned to a lantern that sheds light in a radius
  • Fixed misaligned October clutter in SCP-173's chamber
  • Added a mouse

There once was a bowl of treats
filled to the brim with sweets.
It took only one man
to take more than you can
for his hands to end up at his feet.

We found ourselves a shiny new light
To block out the dark of night
But a ghost it contained
that lacked some constraint
Made it end up locked in the Site.

Things have been crazy, that much is true
And it’s all right after the update, too!
But we’ve learned that games can bring us together,
and give us memories that people remember.
So tonight, we hope you enjoy this debut.

Have a happy and haunting Halloween!

SCP: Secret Laboratory's biggest and most impactful update to date is now fully released. Version 11.0, also known as Parabellum, revamps a huge number of the game's core features. From a complete update of gunplay to the reimagining of the universe's most iconic character, no stone was left unturned in bringing this update to life.

If you've participated in the lengthy public beta, you'll have a good idea of what to expect. If you haven't, or you want to see the full extent of what Parabellum includes, read on.

SCP-173 Rework
SCP-173 is, in fact, the oldest part of the game that still exists today. When the game was in its infancy, there were two classes: Class-D and SCP-173. The Sculpture itself was the first class added to the game. Moving forward, it was a natural choice to include a revamp of the game’s oldest class.

We've discussed our reasons behind the rework and the path we chose for certain things more in a dedicated Steam announcement.

We're extremely pleased with the overwhelming support from the community, especially 173 and how the rework has been received. A lot of work has been poured into every aspect of the new Sculpture; from its artistically terrifying model to the ability kit itself (which may be the most revised part of the game we've ever had).

We're really proud of it, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Inventory Rework
Although it's a huge part of the update, SCP-173 was introduced into Parabellum after its other flagship feature was already well underway: the inventory and weapon rework. The inventory system is a key part of any human player's round, but in spite of that, it's been largely unchanged since its original inception — the interface has received some adjustment, and item limits were added, but the actual system and user experience was mostly the same. With version 11.0, we decided it was time to fix that!

In Parabellum, SCP: Secret Laboratory's inventory system was rewritten. Virtually none of the old code remains, and the result is an inventory that's snappier and more polished than its previous iterations. Every item in the game has received a new appearance, sounds, animations, and in some cases, new features.

You can see a full list of the changes we've brought to the inventory in the Patch Notes section, but some highlights include:

  • A context-sensitive hotkey system that allows you to equip keycards, medical items, and weapons at the press of a button — without having to open your inventory.
  • The ability to throw any item in the game, which will damage windows based on the item's weight.
  • Class-specific arm appearances.
  • New animations for all items.

Gunplay Rework
The most significant part of the Parabellum update is the complete rework of the game's gun mechanics.

Like the inventory, guns were very old, especially script-wise. We've taken the time to upgrade the appearances of each gun in the game, as well as adding several new ones. Old weapons, such as the P90 and USP, were replaced with modern, original variants. From the humble LCZ pistol to the fearsome Logicer, every weapon in the game feels better to use.

A full list of changes can be found in the Patch Notes, but here are some highlights:

  • The addition of body armor. Military classes have armor vests that provide protection from bullets instead of having increased health to simulate this armor. Civilian classes can loot and wear body armor but will have increased penalties to stamina and movement speed when doing so. Armor has also replaced class-specific weapon and ammo limits.
  • Each weapon now has a set recoil pattern. These can be predicted, controlled, and mastered.
  • Accuracy depends on movement speed. Move slow and aim down your sights for the best results, or run and jump to spray a hail of bullets down a hallway.
  • Every firearm in the game now has attachments, including the Logicer, which previously lacked them.
  • The Chaos Insurgency has subclasses. The Logicer has been restored to its fearsome, former glory (but only a few CI in each wave will have them)!

Patch Notes
If you'd like to read the full patch notes for this update, or you're a plugin developer, this section is for you. Below, you can find the complete list of changes made in version 11.0.0.

SCP-173 Rework

  • SCP-173 has received a new model, and their ability kit has been redesigned from scratch. Expect a completely different experience playing with, as, and against the Sculpture.

Gunplay Rework

  • Implemented new models, sounds, and statistics for every gun in the game.
  • Firearms have a defined recoil pattern as they fire through their magazine.
  • Firearm accuracy varies, depending on movement speed, whether you're in the air, how much you've fired in a short period of time, etc.
  • Firearms use a more complex system for damage calculations. It includes penetration values, falloff, and more.
  • Workstations no longer require a weapon manager tablet to use.
  • Firearm attachments can be configured as a spectator by pressing your inventory key.
  • Added body armor, which reduces the damage dealt to certain body parts by guns. All military classes spawn with body armor. It can also be found in the facility's armories and weapon lockers. Civilian classes can wear body armor, but will experience the downsides more severely.
  • The Chaos Insurgency has subclasses, each with different armor and weapons.
  • Added the Revolver.
  • Added the AK.
  • Added the Shotgun.
  • Replaced the P90 with the Crossvec.
  • Replaced the USP with the COM-18.
  • Replaced the MP7 with the FSP-9.
  • Redesigned the MTF-E11-SR, COM-15, and Logicer.
  • New models, animations, sounds, and stats for all guns.

Inventory Rework

  • Implemented a hotkey system to draw keycards, medical items, etc. without having to open the inventory.
  • Items can be manually sorted in the inventory by dragging and dropping.
  • You can drop items from the inventory by dragging them outside of the interface's circle.
  • The weapon manager tablet has been removed from the game. SCP-079's generators have a big old-fashioned knife switch instead of a tablet slot.
  • With the removal of the weapon manager tablet, ammo is now dropped and viewed directly in the inventory.
  • All items in the game have received new models and, where applicable, sounds.
  • The visual appearance of your hands while holding items now varies depending on your class.
  • You can throw any item in the game by pressing the T key. Items have different functions; heavy items can shatter windows, while keycards can be thrown at door panels to open them from a distance. This key can be rebound.
  • The disarming functionality has been moved to the guns themselves. Another player can be disarmed by using your interaction key on said player. As a result, disarmers have been removed from the game.
  • Added some coin spawns throughout the map. You can flip the coin by activating it, which will result in a heads or tails result.
  • Firearms can be inspected using the I key, showing a short visual animation that shows off their model. This key can be rebound. Some items, like SCP-018 and the MicroHID, will automatically be inspected when first equipped.
  • Note: As a result of the Inspect feature, the new default keybind for noclip is Left Alt. This can be changed in the keybindings menu. It shouldn't override your existing settings and will only affect new players or people who clear their preferences.
  • Note: Inspecting any item will not prevent using it, as activating it will immediately exit the animation.

Gameplay Changes

  • Added a new skybox and lighting to the Surface Zone.
  • First aid cabinets may spawn with adrenaline shots in addition to first aid kits. These cabinets will have blue symbols, instead of green ones.
  • Blood and other decals should be far more efficient, preventing your performance from tanking.
  • Blood darkens over time, depending on how old it is.
  • Tesla gates deal less damage. This change primarily affects SCPs.
  • Players can see if they've been muted by a moderator when trying to speak with voice chat.
  • Post-processing has been revamped across the board and can be configured in the options menu.
  • Completely remade the system the game uses to cull level geometry, resulting in much better performance across the board.
  • All classes feature unique first-person death animations. Humans will see the perspective of their ragdoll, while classes like SCP-096 will show off unique animations. SCP-106 sinks into the floor instead of becoming a ragdoll and leaves a splotch of corrosion behind. It's not really dead, after all...
  • Ragdolls have force applied to them in certain conditions. For instance, SCP-096's attacks will send humans tumbling when killed. Fun fact: we called this the "regular attack yeet" in our code.
  • Verified servers can be reported from the server browser. Misuse of this system may result in restrictions being placed on your account.
  • Health bars show exact numbers by default. Percentage values remain available in the gameplay settings, as before.
  • The key used to hide the HUD can now be rebound.
  • While in noclip, you can hide fog by pressing the O key.
  • The Retro main menu theme has been reintroduced to the existing list of selectable menu music.
  • Added a new effect for players that are underground when the Alpha Warhead detonates.
  • Adjusted the shaders and reflection probes used for glass and other glossy materials.
  • SCP-106's portal will be removed if it was underground during the Alpha Warhead detonation. They can still freely move it on the Surface Zone after this happens.
  • Added some environmental storytelling throughout the facility, most notably in the evac shelter found in the Entrance Zone.
  • SCP-939 now has proper ragdolls.
  • SCP-106 found his jacket again.
  • Added cloth physics to SCP-049's robe and SCP-106's jacket.
  • Added visible bullet hole decals.
  • Refactored the spectator system. Most post-processing effects on players are visible to the people spectating them as well.
  • The flashlight can be toggled on and off by activating it.
  • Removed a gray banner that would appear on the death screen with the name of the class that killed you. It made it harder to see the new death cams, and didn't fit the current aesthetic of the game.
  • Implemented new particles for LCZ decontamination.
  • Added reflection probes throughout the facility. This means that you'll see reflections in glass, on the surfaces of some guns, etc.
  • Added several new map layouts to the HCZ and the EZ.
  • 4-way intersections and straight hallways may now be randomly rotated.

Balance Changes
With the revamp of the game's gunplay and one of the universe's most iconic SCPs, we felt like it was an opportune time to run a set of sweeping balance changes as well. We've made these after a lot of public and internal testing, and we're optimistic that they will help the game in the long-term, and make room for further improvements as development continues.


  • Can no longer lock down a room within 5 seconds of an existing lockdown ending.
  • Number of generators decreased from 5 – 3.
  • Time to activate a generator increased from 1:30 – 2:05.
  • Since weapon manager tablets have been removed, generators don't require an item to activate them anymore. You'll still need a keycard to open the access panel.
  • SCP-079's containment chamber is locked down by default, and cannot be unlocked by SCP-079 themselves.
  • Generator activation no longer immediately recontains SCP-079. Instead, it locks open the doors to SCP-079's chamber. A button can be found inside the chamber's control room that recontains SCP-079.
  • Added a selection of items to SCP-079's containment chamber as an additional reward for completing the generator power-up sequence.


  • Max health decreased from 2200 – 1800.
  • Has a 600-point Hume Shield. It regenerates at 20/s after 7 seconds of no damage taken.
  • Bite damage reduced from 65 – 50, but bypasses all armor.
  • Can now destroy glass with bites. Chomp.


  • Max health increased from 1500 – 2000.
  • Hume Shield increased from 350 – 1000.
  • Hume Shield no longer increases and decreases. It will always have a maximum of 1000.
  • Hume Shield regeneration rate increased from 5/s – 40/s.
  • Hume Shield regeneration delay increased from 10s – 25s.
  • Additional rage time is only granted by acquiring targets in the calm and enraging states —new targets while fully enraged do not give bonus time.
  • Charge cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
  • If a kill is landed using Charge, it will reduce the cooldown of the next use by 3.5 seconds. The base cooldown time will increase by 1 second. This resets when SCP-096 exits rage. If a Charge kills multiple people, only one stack of the cooldown penalty is applied.
  • SCP-096 no longer instantly kills non-targets with Charge, but deals 40 damage instead.
  • SCP-096 will see the glowing outlines of targets much earlier. They will become visible immediately after receiving a target.
  • Added an audio cue to SCP-096's player when they receive their first target.
  • Hume Shield particles are no longer visible while using Try Not to Cry.

Spawning Tickets
The following changes have been made to spawning tickets:

  • NTF gain +1 ticket for every 4 CI killed.
  • CI gain +1 ticket for every NTF killed.
  • SCPs award 2 tickets on death — one to account for the 25% damage dealt, and one extra as a reward for the kill.
  • The first respawn wave is no longer random, and is instead based on the team with a higher number of tickets.
  • SCP-268 only grants a ticket for the Chaos Insurgency on its first use.
  • SCP items created through SCP-914 no longer reward spawn tickets when used.

Finally, the following miscellaneous balance changes have been applied:

  • SCP-049: Max health increased from 1700 – 2500.
  • SCP-049-2: Max health increased from 300 – 500.
  • SCP-106: Max health increased from 650 – 850 (damage resistance still applies).
  • Adrenaline no longer restores HP on its own. Classes that previously only spawned with adrenaline now spawn with a first aid kit to prevent them from having no source of healing.
  • SCP-096's hits are registered by the client and not by the server. The server still verifies each hit before causing damage, but 096's basic attack should overall feel much more consistent than before.

Tesla Gate Refresh

  • Tesla gates have new visuals and audio.
  • Tesla gates visually and audibly activate when a player enters the room they're in, featuring sparks and a red light. The gate will not create a damaging blast until a player gets close to it.
  • Tesla gate damage has been dramatically reduced. It will always instantly kill humans, but most SCPs can survive several blasts. This change is intended to allow for riskier plays, as well as preventing new players from dying instantly without realising what's happening.

Remote Admin 3.0 and server changes

  • Remote Admin's next major version is here!
  • Text-based RA has been revamped. It features command suggestions, nickname autocomplete, a better scroll bar, and much more.
  • Visual RA features a nickname filter, role-based icons, and a broadcast menu, in addition to changes like better player list scrolling and visual fixes.
  • Reimplemented the ci_on_start_percent config option. It's 10 by default.

API Changes

  • Added a "clearcassie" command (or "cassieclear") that clears CASSIE's message queue.
  • FlickerableLightController now has a "LightIntensityMultiplier" property to control a room's light intensity from the server.
  • Added RAUtils — a new utility helper for Remote Admin. It contains the processing functions for tab-completed names, including the regex functions.
  • All remote admin commands (except REQUEST_DATA) have been moved to an interface-based system, instead of being hardcoded into one function.
  • Add IUsageInterface to support command usage. It's a string array that gets added to the properties of the commands that interface it.
  • The IUsageInterface has 3 "special" values: (%player%, %role%, and %door%) that will tab-complete respectively in the RA GUI.
  • Add fuzzy search for looking up partial commands from the commandField.
  • Commands are synced when the client joins a server. This means any commands added to the RemoteAdminCommandHandler will be available for tab-completion in TBRA.
  • The inventory has been completely remade. New scripts can be found in the InventorySystem namespace. Most items track their data via unique scripts that inherit from ItemBase.
  • Reimplemented the decal system. We now use Decal Master instead of a very outdated version of Easy Decal.
  • Remade the RoomInformation system — it is now called RoomIdentifier.
  • Implemented a simple co-ordinate system that can fetch the room a player is in.
  • Soft refactor of keybinds to use an enum (ActionName) instead of strings for action keys.
  • Alpha Warhead lights are now server-side, and their color can be modified by plugins (or cruel admins) as a result.


  • Fixed SCP-096 being able to use Try Not To Cry in any direction by rapidly turning their mouse as soon as they activated the ability.
  • SCP-106 no longer dies if they're using their sinkhole when the warhead goes off.
  • Grenades can no longer be thrown through the ceiling in certain rooms.
  • Direct Connect no longer skips hyphens.
  • Rich presence for Steam and Discord correctly displays max player count, instead of being a flat 20.
  • CASSIE now correctly pronounces numbers if the pitch is higher or lower than default.
  • Fixed multiple font rendering issues that made the game very difficult to play with non-Latin based languages such as Chinese and Korean.
  • Fixed an issue with the Steam markdown in the main menu.
  • Players should always be correctly decontaminated.
  • The ban command no longer fuzzy searches players.
  • Introduced a rate limit for using medical items to prevent stacking their sounds multiple times per second with a macro. *zip*
  • The laterjoin system no longer only spawns players as Class-D.
  • Resolved a bunch of anticheat issues.
  • The tutorial class has its own ragdoll.
  • Players can correctly use global chat when the round has ended.
  • Many, many, many more fixes that aren't included here.

What's Next?
With the development cycle of 11.0 finally at an end, we can take a breather and start looking forward to the future. There are several internal plans and we've already started working on the skeleton for the next patch. Halloween decorations will be making their return and we'll hopefully be having a special event for the spooky season this year. After that, well... we can't give away all our secrets, can we?

See you in the dark.

~ Northwood Studios

Hello everyone!

We have just opened a new branch of the game called “Pre-Beta Staging” to help us further prepare for Parabellum’s final release.

This branch exists for us to directly get feedback on base game issues, without false positives being reported because of plugins. With that being said there is a no tolerance policy for plugins on this branch.

This branch will be updated more frequently. If you would like to help us test out the newest experimental features and bug fixes, please switch to the “pre-beta-staging” branch on Steam. Any issues you find can be reported here: https://support.scpslgame.com/bug-report

Please note we’re keeping the old “Public Beta” branch, as it will be updated only with things that are confirmed to be stable. The main difference is that the “Pre-Beta Staging” branch contains all the newest features, including ones that have the potential to be unstable. If you plan to stay on the normal Parabellum beta, we ask you to take note of the servers you play on while reporting bugs. If the server you are on is using plugins please include this in any report you send.

Thank you for supporting Northwood Studios and SCP: Secret Laboratory!

- Northwood Studios

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce that the Parabellum update has entered the Public Beta stage. Everyone can now access the beta from Steam or Discord.

Accessing the beta on Steam can be achieved by right-clicking SCP: Secret Laboratory in your library, clicking properties, betas then clicking the dropdown menu and selecting “publicbeta”.

If you want to access the beta from Discord you can follow the instructions on this page of our website:
https://scpslgame.com/beta-access/ This page also has a support section for any issues you may have and a changelog for the beta.

With this being a beta not everything you see is final and can change, you may also find bugs or other issues. You can report these issues here: https://support.scpslgame.com/bug-report

We hope you enjoy the beta and thank you for supporting Northwood Studios and SCP: Secret Laboratory!

- Northwood Studios